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By: djeesfan zainal abidin

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shoot pon posing gak, gaya oleh leen dan nero
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Setelah sekian lama, dapat juga akhirnya menjejaki kembali Pesta Layang-layang yg dah berapa kali pergi dulu masa zaman student....bonus kali ni dapat bawak dak KFK

Wednesday, 17-Oct-2007 15:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kad untuk Ayah

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Kad Raya Kakak untuk Ayah

Saturday, 14-Apr-2007 16:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tour of Italy March '07 - Vatican Museum Visit

Part of the wall surrounding Vatican City..
Mimo our guide (tought it was Nemo didn't we)
front of the museum
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From 23rd to 31st March 2007 our family embarked on a vacation-guided tour of Italy. This is the first instalment of our tour. On the 24th we started the tour in Rome (the capital of Italy, duh) with an optional visit to the Vatican Museum. Tourists were only allowed on one wing of Vatican City building, which houses the museum. However, I, DJ, was one of the few fortunates who chanced to glimpse through a briefly opened door into the hall of the Pope's office. Even though Vatican City is a state by itself, seperated from Rome and Italy, no you don't need a passport to go there. I would love to upload all the pictures I have, but I had to choose those which tell the story, and flattering poses of my tour group (hey y'all) . Unfortunately guys, I lost the lil notebook in UK, where I had notes about the pics, so had to comment them from memory. . N'way, here goes..piano piano eh..

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Shutter:0.008s, F:f/13
Perfect placement..Shutter:0.003, F:f/13
Shutter:0.003, F:f/9
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It all started when Haizal wanted to borrow Fariz's 200mm zoom lens. His college got free tickets for Sepang F1 and he's escorting students to the event. So I thought why not go and test my 300mm, besides delivering Fariz's 200mm to Haizal. Thought I'd be home by 3pm, got work to do you know.
Nothing seemed to go right at Sepang F1 when I got there. First off, had to shuck out RM50 for parking- for parking! Then the stands (Gate F) where Haizal got free tickets for was....RM800! Had to get the uncovered hill nearby for RM50 (Gate E). Where I parked (C2) to ticket booth was a 15min walk in the hot afternoon sun. The walk from ticket booth to Gate G could have taken 45min, good thing for shuttle bus service. At this point I'm soaking wet. Carrying D70s bag with lenses, Fariz's Lense bag, video bag and my PDA/phone/Techie bag (just got GPS hehe) AND a 6 kilo tripod. When I got to Haizal's Gate F, he couldn't come out, got no single ticket. Passed the 200mm through the gates. Bfore that, got water and 100plus for RM10(5 each). By day's end spent RM35 on liquids (very hot day) and clocked 2 hours' worth of walking (in the hot sun). My forearms are cooked.
But know what? When I got home at 8pm (was supposed to be home by 3pm) and looked at my pics...the torture was definitely worth it.
This is my first experience photographing F1. Had done Japan GT 3 years. F1 is definitely different, cause the machines be goin 10 times faster. It is THE ultimate challenge for panning techniques.

I answered it, persevered, and these are the results.

(Warning: PICS NOT EDITED, morons) To understand what the fuss is, compare the cars, to the wooshy backgrounds, AND you can see the tyre spinning. (try taking these with freakin compacts, or God forbid, freakin phone cameras you morons.)

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Night photo adalah basic photography..
kalau tak master ni, susah la...
tunjuk syakir camne buat lampu pecah starlight...
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Satu hari saudara Syakir ( ym aku dan menyatakan hasratnya utk ikut buat night photography. Sungguh excited dia itu. So pada pukul 10.30pm Jumaat mlm Sabtu aku membawanya dalam pengembaraan pertamanya ke dunia fotografi waktu malam.. mana lagi kalau tak di Putrajaya...jarang aku dapat night photo sebab tak elok buat sorang2....kene reramai baru selamat

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